Robin Vanluchene

Hello, my name is Robin Vanluchene. I was born on 2 March 1998 and I am studying applied computer science at Hogent. My hometown is Pittem, a village in West Flanders. During the week I am staying in a room at the student house Astrum. I have always been fascinated by computers and technology: understanding how some particular software works or discovering where a bug comes from, that are things that I find interesting. I see myself as a stable person. I am always aiming for a good result by working hard and accurately. I am also a real team player. I like working together with other people in a group in which everyone has his own role. But of course I am always prepared to offer my help to the rest of my team, when they have a problem.


When I was 18, I graduated at the high school Eureka in Torhout where I was following the education mathematics/science. At the proclamation I was really proud of myself when I received a special award for computer science.

After high school I went to the university of Ghent to follow the education computer science. I learned a lot there, but the education was too theoretical and perhaps also a little bit to difficult for me. But don’t misunderstand me, this was certainly not a lost year. Now I am sure that computer science will always be my true passion.

At the moment I am studying my first year in the professional bachelor program of applied computer science at Hogent.

Spare time

I usually spend my spare time on gaming. I am sure that gaming has laid the foundation for my passion for computer science. While most gamers play a game because it is popular or because it has great graphics or because it is an easy game, I play games with interesting mechanics, games which expect of you to really understand the working of the game so that you can achieve the best possible result. I also love studying every detail of every game, I really want to know how everything works. Other people may think that something is just a detail, for me it is something great.

I also have a youtube channel which is based on my favourite video game Team Fortress 2. I mainly make videos to help people to better understand the game. I give them certain clues and learn them certain technics so that they can perform in a better way. I am always prepared to help people and to coach them in their games. Youtube seemed to me an easy way to help as many people as possible.
You can watch one of my videos here