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Jaarlijks sterven er wereldwijd 1,6 miljoen mensen aan de gevolgen van het inademen van de rook die vrijkomt tijdens
het koken op open vuur. Dit cijfer ligt veel hoger dan dat van de slachtoffers van malaria!

Every year, 1.6 million people die as a result of breathing in smoke from cooking on an open fire.
In comparison with malaria (which killed 881.000 victims in 2009),  this is a staggering figure.

Bena Lela Raka Nalu

Philips heeft in India een stoof met schoorsteen ontwikkeld. Dankzij die stoof koken de vrouwen in een rookvrije omgeving.
Bovendien besparen ze meer dan 50% brandstof en wordt de kooktijd tot de helft ingekort.

In India, Philips has developed a cooking stove equipped with a chimney. It allows housewives to cook in a smoke-free environment.
On top of that, they only need 50% of the usual amount of  fuel and cooking time is halved.

IDEA design award

In 2008 krijgt het ontwerp van de “Chulha” een “IDEA design award”

In 2008, the “Chulha” receives the IDEA design award.

In 2010 gaat Toon Dewerchin naar Laos om een chulha-fabriekje op te starten.

In 2010, Toon Dewerchin visits Laos to start up a small chulha production unit.

Saral2 The stove is modular in construction.
Modules are made of reinforced concrete.
Its modular design makes the stove easy to transport, simple to install or repair and convenient to maintain, thanks to the replaceable parts.

Major improvements in final design


1) By pass duct for efficient draft

1. It ensures even heat distribution and right turbulence under the first pot resulting into better contact of the pot with the heat.
2. Experiments show that this helps to bring down the boiling time .
On a traditional stove, it takes 22 minutes for 1 litre of water to reach the boiling point,
Boiling time was reduced to 13 minutes after introducing our previous design (without bypass) .
Subsequently, creating a bypass tunnel for the smoke reduced the boiling time to 11 minutes.


2) Chimney connector for easy cleaning and installation

1. Conventional chimney needed cleaning from the outside (from roof top).
2. Earlier chimney design was splitting chimney in 3 parts. This created an issue of soot falling on the wall and surroundings from the fixed piece during cleaning.
3. This new solution moves the joint up so that the top part of the pipe – connected to the roof - is smaller and the fixed pipe – connected to the chimney - is longer. The connector halfway the pipe holds both the upper and lower part of it. The front cover can be removed for cleaning , ensuring all the soot falls into the chulha.

Chulha Installation

from L to R: (1) kitchen corner, (2) brick layout and (3) chimney chamber

from L to R: (4) hot box & tunnel + (5) fire mouth chamber + (6) top cover

from L to R: (1) chimney connector, (2) Base chimney pipe and (3) Chimney connector cover in place
Chulha Installation and firing
from L to R: (1) Chulha installed, (2) Clay preparation and (3) Traditional swathing








Placing the grate





Initial firing





Boiling water test

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